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Give your website depth

Parallax scrolling and the tips on how to use it. From video game classic to modern web design craze, parallax technique is currently the fastest growing trend in the digital world. First used in 1980s in arcade video games to simulate 3D effect, it is now being...

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You need a mobile site yesterday

Take a stroll down any street and you will likely see several people using a mobile device. As the use of mobile devices has significantly increased within the past few years, so has the demand for accessible and functional mobile sites. Not every website is mobile,...

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Be yourself dammit. No one else can.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a corporation located in Charlotte.  Most of our clients are located around the world, so it's not often we get to meet them face to face and I get to wear something other than my pajamas. I started to get ready for the meeting and I...

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Content Strategy Lead Magnet (grass)

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