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Obi is kinda irresistible. At least we think so.

Imagine strutting into a swanky restaurant, only to find it menu-less, bereft of any whiff of what culinary delights are on the menu. The chef, with a shrug, announces, “We make food!” 

Well, thanks, Captain Obvious, but are we talking Ramen or Ratatouille? You wouldn’t stick around, right? Apply the same logic to your business. Your service packages, a.k.a service offer/offerings, are your Michelin-star menu that keeps your clients coming back for another taste.

Your service offerings are not some soggy side salad, it’s the sizzling steak. It’s what turns a “meh” brand into an unforgettable one, standing tall in the crowd of online mediocrity. 

Crafting a service offer for each of your service packages that’s as enticing as a bacon-wrapped filet mignon requires knowing your clients’ dreams, their nightmares, and offering them solutions that make them drool.

So buckle up dear service provider and let’s transform your coaching business into the online equivalent of a restaurant with a three-month wait list – here’s how to craft a killer service offer successfully.

Channeling Sherlock: How to crack your clients’ aspiration code

Your mission: to play Sherlock Holmes in the thrilling mystery of your client’s psyche. 

Crafting an irresistible service offering means you need to understand your client like Sherlock understands a crime scene. What makes them tick, what are their wildest dreams, and what are the Big Bad Wolves blocking their path to success?

#1 Turn detective with client surveys

Use surveys as your Sherlock-approved magnifying glass. They give you a clear view into the psyche of your clients, uncovering their likes, dislikes, and deepest fears. Every tiny nugget of information could be the key to creating a service offer that they just can’t resist.

#2 Dive into the internet’s treasure trove

The internet is like the Secret Service’s database, brimming with invaluable intel. Tools like Google Analytics, social media insights, online forums, and review websites are your secret weapons. Understand what your clients are searching for, talking about, and dreaming of.

#3 Create buyer personas

Think of buyer personas as your own secret agent files. These detailed customer profiles help you understand exactly who your ideal clients are, what they want, and how to give it to them.

Serving a solution that has your clients seeing stars

Once you’ve successfully cracked the client code, it’s time to develop the ultimate solution to appeal to your target audience. Here’s how to create a service offering that empowers your clients to take action.

#1 Address their wants and needs

Use your newfound insights to list down the needs that your service can fulfill. Each need should be linked to your client’s dreams or problems, creating a bridge between their present and their best future.

#2 Use the power of transformation

Your service isn’t just a product—it’s a pathway to transformation. Make it clear how your service can alter your client’s current situation into their dream scenario. Engage in storytelling, share past client success stories, and craft compelling narratives that highlight your service’s transformative power.

#3 Sprinkle on the extra value

Always serve more than just the main dish. Think of ways you can provide extra sauce— other resources, free services, personalized consultation, relevant tools, ongoing support, or helpful content that will help them achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. 

Wrapping your service offering in a dazzling bow

After whipping up a powerful solution, your task is to serve it in a package so tempting that it sets your clients’ hearts aflutter. Remember, your service offer is like a carefully crafted gift. It’s not just about what’s inside—it’s about making the unwrapping experience just as delightful!

#1 Dish out a showstopper description

Paint a picture of benefits so vivid, your clients can imagine themselves experiencing what you have to offer them. Use language that packs a punch. Start with an engaging introduction, follow it up with your irresistible solutions, and end on a high note that leaves them wanting more. 

#2 Choose your mode of delivery

Is your service best delivered through one-on-one coaching, group workshops, or online courses? How long will this service last? Is it a one-off session or year-long mentorship program? Make the delivery mode of your service offering crystal clear.

#3 Sweeten the deal

Consider adding bonuses or added value elements that make your service offer even more tempting. This could be anything from an additional coaching session, access to exclusive resources, or a free puppy! Okay, maybe not the puppy (as much as I love ’em), but you get the idea.

The tightrope walk: Pricing and positioning your service offer

Determining a price that reflects the value you provide and matches what your ideal clients are willing to pay can be tricky. It’s definitely a balancing act. However, with some tactful positioning, you can conquer this challenge and whip up a price tag that your clients can’t resist and your competition can’t match.

#1 Know your worth

Don’t be that person underselling themselves at every corner. Your expertise is valuable! So, set a price that respects your knowledge, experience, and the sheer amount of coffee you’ve consumed to get here. And always remember—charging less doesn’t necessarily make you more appealing. In fact, it can often do the opposite. So price it right, and stand by it.

#2 Position your offer as an investment

Here’s a secret—people don’t buy coaching; they buy better versions of themselves. So, make sure you’re positioning your service offerings as an investment in their brighter, shinier future. Use stories, testimonials, and a whole lot of confidence to drive home the point that your service is worth every penny.

#3 Communicate the ROI

What will your clients get in return for their hard-earned money? Will they save time? Reduce stress? Grow their business? Land that dream job? Whatever the rewards, make sure they’re front and center. Remember, people aren’t just buying a service; they’re buying results!

Psst, still paying attention? Amazing, here’s more from me on value-based pricing: “Value Ladders: What Are They and Why Should You Care?

Now put it all together and create a service offering that SLAYS!

Let’s recap the key ingredients of a winning service offerings that’ll make your clients weak in the knees:

Get inside their heads, understand their desires and worries, and create a solution that tackles their aspirations head-on. Sprinkle in extras to supercharge their success, wrap it in a delightful content bow, and position your offer as an investment!

Now, it’s time to carefully evaluate your current service offerings and ask yourself, “Does it have the wow factor that will truly captivate clients?” If not, don’t worry! This is your opportunity to refine and add that extra touch of magic, so it stands out and gets results.

Ready to create a service offering that raises the bar? Here’s where we come in. At EMTWO, we’re all about turning ambitious coaching businesses into irresistible brands.

Don’t be a wallflower! Get in touch with me today. Your business—and your future raving fans—will thank you for it!

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