Don’t Hire Us

The NO BULLSHIT, straight talk. 

You might want to leave now.

No. Really. We’re dead serious. And with good reason too!

Our reason?

We strongly believe not every potential client will be the right fit for us.

We’ve been doing this for over 10 years and in that time we’ve worked with so many clients.  Over those years, we’ve come to learn that sometimes what the client is looking for just doesn’t mesh with our own core beliefs. Our branding message if you will. But… this is OKAY!

This is actually more than okay and we think it’s important to get everything out in the open right up front.

Why wait until the third date, ya know? We wouldn’t want to lead you on, and we’d hope you’d extend us the same courtesy were the roles reversed.


If you are looking for a big agency, we’re not for you. It is what it is, and we won’t apologize for that.

If you are looking for “Yes People”, we’re not for you. You know the type, we’re not that type. 

If you are looking for the cheapest and fastest solution, we’re not for you. Creativity takes time, you can’t rush a good thing. 

If you are looking to copy someone else’s site, we’re not for you. You’re an original, and your site should be too.  

If you don’t have any idea what you want, we’re not for you. It’d be a waste of time and resources for us both if you don’t have clarity on what your goals are.

If you don’t think you’re awesome, we’re not for you. If you don’t think you’re awesome, no one else will. We’re not okay with that.

If you don’t have integrity, we’re not for you. We like honesty and real people. 

If you are looking for a versatile and fun, imaginative and resourceful team that works hard for you, then — you should hire us!

Are you in or are you out? 

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