About Us? Nah, this is all about YOU!

You’re no brand designer – and that’s absolutely okay! You’re a powerhouse in your unique field. Your work speaks volumes.

And us? We’re the heroes in the world of branding. Right now, your brand might be a diamond in the rough, but we’ve got the plan to polish it to perfection.

Enter the BrandSmash, our signature process. We’re transforming your ‘blend-into-the-crowd’ brand into an ‘all-eyes-on-me’ sensation.

This is a radical metamorphosis that happens in our 2-5 day intensive. No fluff, no buzzwords, just a bold leap towards success.

Emtwo did the initial design on my website and now we are just finishing up a refresh of the site and they have been wonderful to work with.  They are a very organized and professional, so you know that they will deliver what they promise. I have recommended Emtwo to many people and cannot speak highly enough about their services.

Evan Anderman, Photographer

EMTWO took our old EE site and performed a code review audit which found numerous issues. They fixed all of them and then upgraded us to EE3. Our site is now 8x times faster and ranking higher in Google. I didn’t expect this kind of result. 

-Steve Arcus, Non-Profit Organization

The EMTWO team is highly creative and perfectionists, who are at the top of the class when it comes to executing flawless work.  Big emphasis on creativity and flawlessness.  They also possess the ability to build in complex functionality with no problem… functionality that is breathtakingly simple to use on the front end and the back end.  They are totally professional, an absolute joy to work with, and attentive to the little things that make a project special.

-Tranq Jones, MTV Networks / Tranq LLC

EMTWO helped us turn our traffic into leads by filling the gaps in our sales funnel. Their process and plan really helped us see what we were missing and then how we could start seeing better conversions. They made it look easy.

– Brent Sawyer, Personal Trainer

Utterly professional web design. Working with EMTWO was a delight; they created beautiful designs which represent what we needed beautifully. We’re so impressed we’ve been repeat customers. Cannot recommend EMTWO enough.

– Michaela Child, Author

I had no idea what I needed or really what I was doing. EMTWO was great to work with because they took things slowly and explained simply what I needed and how they would achieve my goals. They were responsive and always had great suggestions.

– Victoria Slocum / Green Plate Rule

We’re picky, and you should be too!

That’s right, we said it. We’re not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s something to celebrate! We believe in transparency from the word ‘Go’. We respect your time, and we expect the same in return.

We’re advocates of honesty, integrity, and folks who are committed to sprinkling some goodness in this wild, wonderful world. More cheer, more genuine smiles, more truth – that’s the soul of our business. Without these, we’re just not us.

We’re not some faceless corporate agency. We don’t plan on surrendering our precious family moments to field your calls on weekends, and we’re not the ‘yes-men’ you might be expecting.

And honestly, we hope you wouldn’t want us to be.

We make you one promise

We will work hard to help you and your business bask in the limelight of success. With nearly 20 years in the game, we’ve forged a process that arms you with the tools you need to rise. We’ll be your loyal ally, ready to charge into the battleground by your side.

That’s the deal – as long as we’re the perfect fit for each other!

about us

About 1

 So, who are we?

I’m Melissa (Mel) Connolly, and I started this little ditty back in 2002 while holding down a full-time job. Nights and weekends were spent bringing client projects to life, and slowly but surely, I grew the business on my own.

In 2005, I married Sean, and by 2007, we were ready to leave NY behind and start a new life in NC. That meant leaving our comfy, secure full-time jobs and going all in on EMTWO. Sean decided to join me on this adventure, and here we are today.

Ever since, we’ve been helping entrepreneurs create authority brands from our kitchen table, often in our cozy PJs, surrounded by our menagerie of pets.

We’ve left our mark on biggies like Fed-Ex and Disney, but our hearts beat a little faster when we’re fueling the dreams of entrepreneurs and service-based businesses.

We also love joining forces with progressive organizations and non-profits on a mission to make the world a better place.


About 2

Meet Our Team

Passionate about animals? Oh, that’s just scratching the surface. Our office is bustling with our furred companions, brimming with boundless energy and unconditional love. We refer to them as our menagerie and we couldn’t live without them.

So, when you’re in a meeting with us, don’t be surprised if you hear a chorus of woofs or a cat jumps on our desk. That’s just our endearing team extending their warm welcome.

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We have humans too!



Co-Founder / Brand Strategist & Designer

Armed with 20 years of experience, Melissa has been navigating the waves of web design, development, and marketing like a true hero. She’s led Emtwo through numerous brand journeys, helping both corporate giants like Fed-Ex, Snyder’s-Lance, and Disney as well as small businesses to unlock their brand’s potential. But her heart is always drawn to entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas.

When she’s not shaking up branding conventions, you’ll find her creating and selling her own art, wielding a camera to capture our furry team’s antics, or delighting in a storm of puppy kisses. Her partner-in-crime, Sean, is more than just her best friend – they’re a dynamic duo who work together, game together, and rescue animals in need, together.



Co-Founder / Developer

Sean is a problem-solving aficionado who thrives on a good challenge. Whether it’s brainstorming innovative solutions or untangling intricate project details, he’s in his element. As the chief wrangler of our dev team, he ensures every project runs smoothly, on time, and on budget.

With a knack for finding creative fixes to even the most migraine-inducing problems, he’s a valuable asset to Emtwo. Outside of work, Sean is a die-hard gamer, spending more hours than he’d like to admit playing and streaming online. Beneath the gaming aficionado exterior, he harbors a soft spot for their collection of furkids. Though he might tell you they’ve reached their pet quota, we’re pretty sure he’d never say no to one more!

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