As a kickass business coach or consultant, your goal is to uplift and inspire your clients to be the best possible version of themselves so they can achieve their long-term goals and success.

But how are you supposed to do that if you’re not presenting your most authentic and unapologetic self online?

Sure, you’re an awesome coach with incredible people skills, a profound understanding of your industry, and a capacity for empathy that (almost) rivals any dog I’ve met and immediately fallen in love with.

But I’ve got news for you – so do a lot of your competitors out there.

So, how do you position yourself as a leading business coach so you can start making the kind of difference you know you’re capable of?

*** Drumroll, please ***


The power of bold branding

For 88% of consumers, authenticity plays a crucial role in which brands they choose to support.

So, when it comes to branding yourself as a certified coach or business mentor, you’ve got to be true to your own identity as a leader.

If you decide to play it safe or copy how your peers present themselves, you’ll fade into the background and get lost in the depths of search engine results pages like some kind of digital antique.

You know what that means? Someone with bigger, bolder branding will snatch that potential client right from under your nose!

It doesn’t matter how skilled or qualified you are. Eye-catching branding with a compelling message will ultimately capture the hearts of your dream clients.

Why playing it safe holds you back as a business coach or consultant

When you’re at the helm of a coaching or consulting business, you’re not only selling your fabulous services and expertise. You’re also selling a feeling.

What the heck am I talking about?

Don’t worry! I haven’t started guzzling some questionable tea as part of my morning routine (yet!)

Your services aim to get people from point A to B, whether professionally, personally, or spiritually, right?

But putting it like that isn’t exactly going to get the phone ringing off the hook, is it?

As an independent business owner, you’ve got to sell confidence, passion, and clarity – all the things your clients are hoping to experience during a coaching program.

If they can’t see it in you, they won’t feel inspired enough by you to trust you to lead them toward the kind of success they’re aiming for.

Fearless branding plays a massive role in propelling you forward as a professional business coach or consultant, so if you want to reach the great heights you’ve envisioned for yourself, it’s time to get on board.

Let’s uncover how you can make it happen with branding that’s as unmistakable as the look our dogs give us when they’re ready for their d-i-n-n-e-r.

Defining your unique brand personality as a business owner

Branding is the essence of your business, conveying your values, personality, and unique selling point.

But when you don’t always know which version of yourself you’ll wake up to on any given day, how are you supposed to know your brand’s personality?

It requires a certain amount of time and energy to figure out your unique brand identity for sure, but once you do, all the other elements of marketing your business online instantly become so much easier.

How to determine your brand personality:

  • Get in touch with who you are
  • Define your company values
  • Identify your target audience

Doesn’t sound too scary, does it?

Once you know yourself a little better, you can begin to take inspiration from other brands by determining which brand archetype your business resonates with best, looking at which other brands fall into the same category, and seeing what kind of messaging they use.

This will help inform your brand voice. But remember, always be authentically YOU!

It’s ok to take inspiration from companies that speak to you as a consumer, as that will make sense for your brand identity.

But you’ve always got to be fearless in leaning into the true essence of what makes you so unique – it’s your secret weapon in marketing yourself and your services online!

Building a visual identity that stands out

While there are more elements to the brand identity of your coaching business than aesthetics, 55% of first impressions of your business are based on visuals alone.

So, you know, it’s super important to pack a punch in that department if you want to keep your potential clients engaged from the get-go and interested enough to read on.

Your visual branding, from your company logo to your unique color scheme, should be instantly recognizable as yours, super memorable, and stand out from the crowd while still being in tune with the aesthetics your target audience are receptive to.

For example, if you’re a spiritual coach, you may want to opt for calming neutrals, earthy tones, and a minimalist layout. But if you’re a business consultant for digital agencies, you may want to use a bolder design, with colors that evoke excitement, passion, and urgency.

In other words, read the room while still leaving space for you in there.

Crafting a memorable client experience

Branding also relates to how potential clients experience your business online.

The visuals, messaging, and flow of your content on your website all play a significant part in creating a seamless, enjoyable experience for each of your clients.

Expectations for customer experience vary depending on your industry and the kind of clients you’re hoping to target.

Take a luxury brand, for example. Their website might be super understated, with little detail or information available at first glance to create a high-end, exclusive feel. (Ooh lah lah, so fancy!)

However, when it comes to business coaching and consulting, you’re there to guide and help people. You don’t want potential clients to remember your website for all the wrong reasons, so ensure access to information is simple and direct.

Don’t forget to wow your online visitors with impactful messaging and content that speaks to who you are as a coach, how you’ll help them solve their problems, and why you’re the best at what you do.

Case studies: How we helped this client solve a specific problem with bold branding

Meet Paula Bradison, a client of ours, and the ambitious founder of three separate businesses.

When she realized it was time to merge the three and create a singular brand identity in the form of People AK, she called upon Emtwo and the incredible force that is our BrandSmash package to get her there.

We were tasked with weaving each business together with an infused brand personality. We uncovered the perfect way to let elements of all three of them shine, while giving them unified visual branding and messaging.

We’re super proud to have created an impactful brand personality that showcased Paula’s vision and passion for her business, and helped her reach even more of her dream clients than ever before!

Naturally, both existing and new clients instantly connected with her “people first” ethos, which pulled them in right off the bat, thanks to her website’s clear focus and personality-packed branding.

Discover more of our case studies to see the potential for your forward-thinking, go-getting business.

Dare to be different and watch your business thrive

When you boil it all down, there simply isn’t time for playing it safe or wondering if there’s space for you in the coaching industry.

Be brave, be bold, be YOU! Because you deserve to be seen and heard!

Don’t be a wallflower! Get in touch with me today. Your business and your future raving fans will thank you for it!

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