If you find yourself losing out on local clients to your competitors, and you just can’t figure out why, your online presence might be to blame. No, we’re not talking about your website (although that might factor into it!), we’re talking about your appearance on Google. 

While boosting your website up the search engine rankings can take months, there’s an easier way of attracting local clients – with Google Business Profile. 

Today, we’re going to go through everything you need to know about Google Business Profile as a small coaching business. We’ll show you why it’s such a fantastic free marketing tool to use and how it can help you get the local clients you’ve been searching for. 

What is Google Business Profile?

Google Business Profile is an accessible, free business listing on Google – yes, it’s free!

It lets you post details, photos, and need-to-know information about your business, including your company’s:

  • Phone number
  • Social media
  • Location
  • Services
  • Opening hours
  • Bio
  • Website 

Creating a Google Business Profile is one of the best ways to get noticed online and improve your visibility as a coaching company. Having a Google Business Profile will also allow you to appear more easily in Google searches, on Google Maps, and sell products on Google Shopping!

97% of users primarily learn about local companies online, most of which use Google Business Profile. 

Google Business Profile is, however, only available to companies that have contact with their customers. So your business needs to have a physical location and provide a service by meeting clients in other locations. 

If your business is strictly online-only and you don’t have a business address, then you won’t be able to use Google Business Profile.

So, what makes Google Business Profile so unique, and how can it help you find more local clients for your coaching business?

What are the benefits of Google Business Profile?

  1. You’ll be shown to people in your area, searching for your service

With so many people heading to Google for their queries and questions, being on top of your SEO (search engine optimization) is key to your online success. 

When you use Google Business Profile, you become more visible online. Your business will appear on Google Maps and you’ll be more likely to reach the top of the search results for local, relevant searches. 

With the help of a strong, optimized Google Business Profile, you’ll be able to easily upgrade your local SEO, get seen by local users, and get more clients rushing through your doors. 

The more effort and time you put into your Google Business Profile, the more impressed Google will be and the higher up the search results you’ll go. 

  1. You’ll build trust and credibility

Building up your trust and credibility is key to getting recognized by local clients. Locals won’t want to work with you if they know nothing about your company, but having a Google Business Profile will encourage them to work with you. 

By keeping your Google Business Profile optimized, updated, and in pristine condition, you’ll show your local audience that you’re a fantastic company to work with. 

Be open, honest, and authentic with them when posting on your profile. Don’t lie about what your services can and can’t do and show them what your office looks like to give them an idea of what your company’s like. 

  1. Your clients can leave reviews 

Did you know that 90% of people check online reviews before even thinking about working with a company?

Google Business Profile is the perfect place to gather high-quality reviews for your coaching business. By getting positive feedback from your clients, you’ll be able to demonstrate to your potential new clients that you’re a wonderful person to work with. 

Be sure to reply to all of your reviews too and thank your clients for leaving great feedback about your business. 

Positive reviews aren’t the only type of review that can benefit your business though! Getting negative reviews is also an opportunity to show your audience that you can quickly solve any problem they have – and how professional you are, no matter what.

If you receive a negative review, don’t hide it or delete it – this will make you look untrustworthy! Instead, reply to your client, address their concerns and try to fix the issue. You could end up creating a new positive review and more clients. 

  1. You’ll have access to high-quality insights

Google Business Profile is the force behind getting high up in the rankings of Google. But it doesn’t just promote your services, it also helps you understand your market. 

Google Business Profile has a few pretty powerful and helpful tools that provide users with insights that will help them create strategies and make critical marketing decisions. 

These tools help you access statistics and insights that can:

  • Determine where your audience is coming from
  • Show you the number of views your profile is getting
  • Provide you with a report of how your customers find your business
  • Tell you what keywords are relevant to your niche
  • Show you what your audience is interacting with 
  • Give you a summary of the profile of people following you 
  • Show you the number of clicks your website link is getting

Using Google Business Profile to quantify this information and create statistics will assist you in developing marketing strategies that are assured of attracting local clients and boosting your conversions. 

  1. It’s free and easy to use

One of the most significant reasons you should be making a Google Business Profile right now is simple – it’s completely free. 

Google Business Profile is a free-to-use marketing tool, so you won’t have to spend a single dime on it! Plus, it’s effortless to set up, update, use, and manage. 

Google Business Profile makes it simple for local businesses like you to promote your services online. It will increase your visibility and improve your chances of showing up in local search results. 

It’s a fantastic tool that will help more clients find your services, and it will quickly improve your online presence and connect you with the people who need your services the most. 

What are you waiting for? Start making your Google Business Profile today!

We hope we’ve helped you realize how important Google Business Profile is and how it can help you get more local clients into your business. 

If you have any questions about Google Business Profile or need some help setting up or optimizing your profile, then we’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch with our team today to talk about how you can start improving your business with a stunning Google Business Profile!

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