5 tips to generate more leads with your health, wellness, and fitness website

5 tips to generate more leads with your health, wellness, and fitness website

A lot of wellness businesses create beautiful websites that look great but they don’t actually do anything to grow their business. Here are some basic strategies your wellness website should follow if you want to increase your sales. In fact, they apply to just about any retail business website.

Messaging & Positioning

Conversion-focused content is what makes or breaks a website. A lot of businesses talk about themselves but people want to know how you can help them solve their problems. Use a short descriptive message telling your prospective client how your product or service will solve their problem or pain point. Why should they do business with you? What’s in it for them? And why should they care?

Make the text easy to scan and bold things that are important.  You only have a few seconds to get them engaged and interested before they move on. As consumers, we are busy and tend to have short attention spans in the current digital age.

Call to Action

What is the main purpose of your wellness business website? To get new customers or recapture current ones. We see so many beautiful websites with no clear message on how to purchase a product, whether it’s a wellness program or course, yoga classes at a local studio, personal training time, or wellness products to enrich our lives.

Makes sure there is a clickable button in a prominent spot on every page of your website. It should lead your potential new client to the next action you want them to take. Do not leave this up to them. Guide them through the customer journey you want them to take. 

Lead Magnet

You may have heard the phrase lead magnet or opt-in form. This is where you provide something of value to your potential client in exchange for their email address. Studies show that most people don’t buy your product on their first or even second visit to your website. Collecting emails of potential clients is an invaluable tool for further marketing, nurturing, and eventually converting them to paying clients.  

Contact information

This might sound so super simple, but it can be overlooked or difficult to find. If your business has a phone number, make sure it’s VISIBLE. The top right corner of your homepage is a great spot to put it.

Research shows that visitors view a website from left to right, top to bottom, just like they read a book. Putting it in this spot will ensure your phone number will be the second thing they see after your logo. There are few things more frustrating than when you want to purchase a product or service but have to search for a way to contact the business. You will most likely lose a sale if this happens.

Use slideshows and video on your homepage only if it makes sense

Slideshows have become a bit of a website cliche. Everyone is using them. Unless you’re selling a physical product or visual item (like a photographer or artist), a slideshow most likely is of little to no value to your clients. It also takes up valuable real estate and resources on your homepage. 9 out of 10 times, you shouldn’t be using this. 

The same rule goes for video. Unless it really tells a story as to why I want to purchase your product or service, don’t use up space on your homepage. If you must use a video, put it on an interior page where people can view it after you have already piqued their interest.

Is your branding sending the right message?

While these tips are a great starting point, a strong brand message and idenity can help elevate and attract more of the clients you love to work with. Our signature Brand Canvas Method helps our clients get clear on their messaging, positioning, and branding. The health and wellness niche is competitive and through storytelling, branding, and design, you can cut through the noise and start getting traction right away.