The holiday season is upon us! Jingles are in the air, it’s cold outside, and everything is just a little more magical – don’t you think?

What are you buying your loved ones this year? Maybe a nice new watch or a pair of gorgeous earrings!

But not everyone is into glitter and gold when it comes to a holiday gift. 

Some people like to get something a bit more practical. Something they can use to improve themselves and their knowledge of the world. 

Your online course is the perfect solution for those out there looking to either spread or receive the gift of knowledge. 

But how do you promote an online course during the holiday season?

We’re going to show you exactly how you can promote your online course this holiday season and get more high-quality leads through the door. 

Do people buy online courses for the holidays? 

You’re probably a little skeptical. Why would somebody want to receive an online course as a gift? 

The holidays are a time to escape from commitments, work, and education, so why would people want to buy your course? For friends and family of business owners, it can be tricky figuring out exactly what they’d like for the holidays. Many business owners just buy what they want throughout the year. 

A good gift choice for business owners is something that will help them work less, streamline their processes, make their company more profitable, or just enable them to work on their leadership skills. 

Basically: your course. 

Here are the three main benefits of promoting your online course as a great gift during the festive season. 

  1. Increases your online sales/sign ups for 2022

Promoting your course around the holidays will give you a serious sales boost – especially if you’re offering some irresistible holiday deals this season. 

  1. Builds enthusiasm and excitement around your course

Even if you don’t get too many sales this time of year, promoting your course and making people aware of what you’re offering can spark awareness for your educational resources. 

If there’s one thing people love to do this time of year, it’s making new year’s resolutions! Completing your course to better themselves might be high on the list of things to do in the new year.  

So even if they don’t convert before the holidays, they might consider opting in as soon as the new year hits. 

  1. Promotes your services to a new audience 

Promoting your course during the holiday season will help you establish your brand online by spreading information about your fantastic educational content and start attracting more high-quality leads to your door. 

But how should you promote your course, and what is the best strategy for promoting your course to happy holiday shoppers?

6 ways to promote your course over the holidays

  1. Play to those holiday emotions

The holidays are an emotional time for most people. When promoting your online course this holiday season, it’s a good idea to play on these very emotions to get people hyped up about your course. 

When promoting your course consider highlighting student success stories. Write testimonials into your marketing and show your audience how your course has actively changed the lives of those who’ve completed it. 

Try to also include phrases in your marketing that inflict powerful emotions on the reader too. 

They want to give a gift that helps improve the lives of their friends or family. You can use sentences like ‘give the gift of learning this year’ or ‘help your loved ones grow this year with an online course.’ 

This will help spark an emotional desire in your audience to give their loved one something that will change their life, and encourage them to purchase your course right away. 

  1. Update your sales page with a sensational seasonal design

Spread holiday cheer and encourage your audience to check out your course by updating your landing page to look a bit more festive. 

You can add some decorative festive imagery, change up your logo (pop a santa hat on it!) and even add a few jolly taglines. 

Encourage your audience to buy your course this holiday season by adding an irresistible CTA that has a festive twist to it. 

  1. Give to a charity as part of a promotion

Offering to donate a percentage of your sales to charity is a fantastic way to promote your course. Not only does it show that you’re a kind, trustworthy, and generous brand, but it also makes your audience feel like they’re helping out this festive season. Plus, 81% of consumers buy because they trust a brand so donating to a charity and following through will boost your credibility online!

Add to your landing page that a percentage of your sales will be going to your charity of choice this holiday season. You’ll definitely pull on some heartstrings and get more students signed up for your online course in no time. 

77% of consumers buy from brands that have the same values as them so try to choose a charity that’s related to your niche in some way. If your audience is interested in what you’re teaching, then they’ll probably want to help the charity out too.

  1. Keep promoting into the new year

Don’t just promote your course over the Christmas period. Keep it going through to the new year and beyond!

Everybody wants to build a better, fresher, and stronger life for themselves in the new year, and if your coaching course can help them get there, then they’ll definitely convert. 

The new year is busy for gyms, personal trainers, and dieticians, so jump on the bandwagon and get your course seen by new year resolution-obsessed consumers. If they’re looking to improve their lifestyle this year, they will want to try out your course. 

So, start promoting your course for the new year by showing your audience all the things they can accomplish by taking your course. Don’t forget to highlight past student success stories!

  1. Create a holiday-themed email marketing campaign

This time of year, everybody is on the lookout for those holiday-themed emails. Why? Because they usually contain tempting discounts and special offers!

If you want to get people interested in your course during the holiday season, then be sure to build a holiday email campaign that speaks to their true desires – discounts! 

If you’ve already been emailing your email list throughout the year with tips, tricks, and sneak peeks of what your course has to offer, then they’re already familiar with the benefits you provide. 

You want to strike with an unbelievable deal they just can’t say no to. All those potential clients that were moving ever so slowly towards converting will finally crack, and you’ll get a flood of conversions through the door!

Top Tip: To give those hesitant clients a bigger push in the right direction, add a cut-off date for when your holiday code expires. They want that fantastic deal, and if they don’t act fast, they’ll miss out, which will make them convert a lot sooner!

  1. Turn your social media into a festive wonderland

Over the holiday season, people are continuously scrolling through Instagram, checking in on Facebook, and having a short browse through Twitter. Now is the time to show off your festive cheer and decorate your social media profiles with holiday-themed banners and icons. 

Once you’ve given your social media a holiday makeover, your audience will be intrigued by your festivity and jump to your social to see if there are any deals, giveaways, or special offers going on. 

To get more people interested in your course on social media, consider:

  • Hosting giveaways containing a copy of your course
  • Offering 12 days of Christmas discounts (a new deal every day)
  • Holiday specials – count down the days until it’s over to create a sense of urgency
  • Freebies you can give away with any course purchase – like a downloadable worksheet

All of these awesome gifts and prizes will encourage your audience to consider opting in for your course. 

A little bit of holiday charm goes a long way, and it can help make your business seem that little bit more magical. 

Start creating more sales over the holidays by promoting your course so it fits in with the holiday festivities. 

Want some help getting your course’s landing page holiday-ready? Get in touch today – we’d be happy to help!

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