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Is a blog considered “social media”?  We answer that question and a whole lot more.

When most people talk “social media”, I’ve noticed that it usually revolves around Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or FourSquare.  I’ve even read numerous times, “I’m quitting social media, but you can still read my blog!”

Say what?

Before there ever was a tweet or a friend on Facebook, we blogged and people read and commented and interacted not only with the blogger, but the readers too. Then social “networks” popped up and people started using Twitter and Facebook to connect with each other; in new and different ways.  There’s nothing wrong with Twitter and Facebook; LinkedIn, Foursquare, Bebo, Flickr or Vimeo.

These are great tools because they allow you to be where your customers are and to have an open dialogue with them. We use these tools every day and we use them right along side our favorite social media tool…the blog!

But, blogs are dead!

Not so much.  Blogs may not be the “new” social media and eventually Facebook and Twitter won’t be either.  That doesn’t mean they die.  They still provide value and I recommend starting a blog to most of my clients. 

Get Your Blog On!

Here are my top 10 reasons to blog:

So, get your blog on!

There are a ton of great websites about blogging and you could spend hours just building a list of them.  Here’s my quick list to get you started:

Share your thoughts…

Do you have any blog tips or advice on blogging?  Leave a comment below and let us know.  And if you are a blogger and would be interested in participating in our ‘Awesome Blogger’ series, please get in touch with us—we would love to interview you!

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  1. Keeps your website looking fresh, interactive and fun!
  2. Allows you to easily reach out to clients and potential clients
  3. Building readership that could turn into new clients or recommend you to friends and colleagues
  4. Easily share news and information about the business or employees
  5. Provide tips, how-to’s and support which in turn builds trust and makes you an authority in your field
  6. Makes you and your business more approachable
  7. Helps with Search Engine ranking (SEO)
  8. Provide answers to frequently asked questions
  9. Engage your audience by asking questions and running polls
  10. For me, the number one reason to blog is that a blog will bring a much more personal (“human”) face to your business. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be professional, but people are more inclined to build trust with the people behind a company.  They want to get to know you!