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We don’t know how to effectively use our blog to get results

The Problem

You’re churning out content but it’s not really helping or you don’t know what is working and what isn’t. It’s basically a guessing game at this point. You know you need regular content but you aren’t sure the best kind to create or what topics you should be covering.

Our Solution

Let’s stop guessing immediately. You need to define what you’re blogging and what business goals it supports.  From there, it’s important to determine how your posts will fit into your buyer’s journey. Together we will create an ideal customer persona and then develop a content plan and schedule. 

Did you know?

The best blogs teach. Before you write your next blog post ask yourself, “how will this benefit my customer?” and if it doesn’t, either find a connection or skip it.

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What does effictive blogging look like? 

Customer Focus

Writing content that is geared towards your target audience is crucial to blogging success. When you know who you are speaking to, it’s easier to create the content they want to hear.


Compelling Content

That starts with creating a title that sparks interest.  From their your focus should be on content that is  actionable and provides answers to your target audience’s pain and/or problem. 


Original & Engaging

Original and engaging content will create raving fans who will hang on your every word.  They will also consistently come back to hear more of what you have to say and share it within their own web ecosystem.

Be Consistent

Pick a posting schedule and stick to it. It can be once a week, or twice a month. Having a plan will give you the opportunity to dedicate time and resources to creating your content instead of winging it.

We don't know how to effectively use our blog to get results 1

Benefits of blogging for your business

  • Increases search engine traffic
  • Builds your brand voice
  • Positions you as an expert
  • Increases inbound traffic
  • Builds community
  • Positions your website as a resource
  • Helps generate inbound links

You can easily find 10-20 more reasons to blog for your business. It’s a simple way to connect with your audience and generate more leads. We recommend blogging to almost 90%+ of our clients. 

Are you ready to start a blogging strategy?