Crafting the perfect content for social media usually takes a lot of time, effort, and skill. 

Think about it for a moment. 

To create social media content your customers will enjoy you have to do research, design graphics, get images, write the posts, or even record a video. There’s a lot involved, and even after putting in all that effort and posting the content on social media, it can quickly  get buried beneath a sea of other posts. 

So how can you make your life easier when it comes to creating content for social media?


You repurpose your top-performing content for your audience. 

The content you post to your website that performs the best can be used as evergreen content for your social media profiles.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every new Facebook update you post! 

Stop hopping on the latest trends that fizzle out quickly and start using your valuable and informative content (like your how-to guides, your checklists, and high-value blogs) that have proven track records and already come with great tips your customers will love. 

But how do you start repurposing all that great content?

If you’ve been blogging, creating podcasts, and posting in-depth reports then you already have everything you need. 

Here are 7 ways you can creatively repurpose your content for your social media profiles. 

It’s time to bring your old blog posts back to life!

7 ways to refresh your content for social media

Turn your how-to lists into helpful tips

Do you have some amazing lists with tips that will help your readers solve their dilemmas?

Or perhaps you have some handy how-to guides that list every detail of a job that needs doing?

You can reuse these helpful tips and turn them into a social media series.

For example, let’s say you have a blog post on the 10 ten tips for advertising during the holidays. You can take each one of these tips, create an eye-catching graphic, and make a post about it on social media. Plus, because there are 10 tips you can make 10 brand new posts!

Another thing you can do with these posts is to add more content to them. By optimizing your old how-to blogs you can add more recent information that increases the value of your content (and tells Google you’re updating your website too). 

You can then post about your new updated blog on your social media! This shows your audience that you’re always there to give them new and helpful information. 

Create images or infographics from your statistics

If you have a piece of content that has a lot of statistics in it then you can create some attention-grabbing infographics to post on your social media. 

Taking your written statistics and condensing them down into an image can make the content easier to consume. Plus you can easily post them on Instagram too!

Visual content also generates a higher engagement than written content so by posting your simple statistics as images your audience will engage with them for longer, and hopefully share them on their own profiles.

For infographic templates to get you started quickly, check out

Reuse old successful posts

Occasionally you’ll create a post that did so good that you might even print it out and frame it on your wall (no? Just us? Ok then…) 

If you’re one of the lucky ones who created a post or two like this then consider creating a social media campaign focused on that golden post. 

Sharing posts a second time isn’t a bad thing either. It can generate as much as 75% of the engagement received when the original post first went live. So if it’s one of your golden posts then that’s a whole lot of engagement. 

Plus a lot of your audience might not have seen this elusive golden egg when it was originally posted. 

Turn a blog post into a podcast

If you’ve got an old blog post that attracted a lot of attention and contained a lot of great content that you could easily expand on, consider turning it into a podcast episode. 

More people are choosing podcasts over reading because it’s easier to digest. You can also listen to podcasts while doing a bunch of other things which makes them an attractive medium for your audience. 

Apart from being easily accessible and consumable, podcasts are an authentic type of content that you can use to improve your brand image. Audio content will help you show your audience that you have a lot more industry knowledge to offer them.

You can also post your podcast episodes to social media on a regular basis to keep your followers updated.

Turn your best moments into posts

Have you ever written something so breathtaking and so inspiring that it would look great as an elegant quote on a beautiful background?

If you have then why not do just that. 

Turn your wise quotes into posts and share your wisdom with your audience. 

People always want to see informative and inspirational content on their feed. So, if you’ve written something that fits that criteria turn it into a nice little graphic and post it online. 

Consider some memes

Everybody loves a good meme, we certainly do, and memes nowadays are everywhere! They’re a fun way to engage with your audience and they help increase shares and likes. 

How can you repurpose content with memes?

Easy! Have you created a blog post that isn’t getting too many views? To help spread the word about your blog post you can put some of the important information about the blog onto a meme. Then you can post the meme with a link to the blog post in the description. 

Be careful though – only use memes that match your brand voice and your personality.

Incorporate testimonials 

It’s a well-known fact that potential customers are more likely to work with you if your current customers have good things to say about you. 

If you’ve received some excellent testimonials from your customers you should use them on your social media. 

Using testimonials and reviews as social media posts will help reassure your audience that they’re making the right purchasing decision. It can also help improve customer relationships as it shows them that you really do care about what they have to say. 

We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to repurpose your old content into brand new social media posts and cut down the time and effort you put into finding things to post about. 

If you want some extra help organizing your online presence then get in touch today, we’d love to help you out. 

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