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Grab the attention of your audience

There are going to be specific reasons that people look up your business, but the most common reason that web audience’s claim is they have a problem they need solved. The best way to be able to grab that audience’s attention from the moment they see your website is to have some type of a solution to their problem viewable right away. The more you appear to be the solution they are looking for, the quicker you are going to get, and keep, their attention.

Ways of Showing How You Can Solve Your Audience’s Problem

If you want to show your audience that you can solve your problem, take a unique perspective to the solution. Show your audience something they have not seen on nearly every other website out there, so that you stand out. Taking a unique approach to the problem gives them a reason to read through what you have to say because they want to see what makes you different other than the perspective you showed them that set you apart. When something unique doesn’t necessarily give you the response that you were hoping for, or if you want to go for something that is more apt to get people talking, try the shock factor. The more shocking something is, the more it is going to catch your audience’s attention. If you want to have people look at your site, not only once, but twice because of a double-take, then you need to come up with a shocking way to prove you can solve their problem at first glance. Making sure that your information has a logical presentation is also important if you want to be able to keep their attention. If you present information that is totally illogical, then you are going to have people leaving your site, no matter how unique or shocking your home page is. You need to be able to get your audience’s attention with something that sets you apart, but then keep it by offering a solution they can relate to and understand. Presenting your audience with an example of what you are able to do that will solve their problem is likely the best way to keep their attention once you have it. If people can see that you have something to provide them that fits into the solution they are hoping to find, they will bite. The more you get them to bite on to whatever you are offering, the more sales you are going to have, and the more you are going to be able to keep your business growing, so long as the people buying into your solution get the same results that you offer in your example. People are fickle, but when they need something fixed, they want it done yesterday. They do not want to spend hours trying to find a solution. They want to look around, find something that fits into the shape of the problem they are experiencing, and move on. If you can help make that process quick and painless, you will win!