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That holiday feeling is in the air once again! Festive music is playing, Christmas trees are being decorated, and companies are starting to spread their own holiday cheer online. 

With fewer people going out and about this holiday season (thanks coronavirus!), many companies are putting in extra efforts to make it special online (and increase their online profits as a result). 

The holidays give you a chance to update your website, clean up your online presence, and connect your products/services to more people. 

Here are 5 of our most effective ways to update your website for the holidays, make your customers happy, and help you bring in more sales for the festive period.

1. Add some holiday flair 

We don’t know what it is about the holidays but even seeing a company change their logo to a ‘festive version’ gets everybody excited. 

Let your designers get a bit creative this holiday season and put some holiday magic onto your site. 

You could even do some holiday-themed discounts like:

  • The 12 days of Christmas sale where a new item goes on sale every day.
  • Christmas stocking add-ons, where every purchase over the holiday comes with a little free holiday-themed gift!

You could ask your design team to come up with some creative festive graphics to go with any of your holiday-themed promotions.

2. Highlight your best-selling products/services

People are already out there looking for the right gifts to give their loved ones this holiday season. So, all you have to do is show them your best products and services. 

Feature your most important items, or services, for the holidays front and center on your website. This way it’ll be the first thing your visitors see when they load up your home page. Add an eye-catching banner or a pop-up that grabs attention.

Your sales team probably knows what items are going to be big this holiday season – they talk to your customers every day, and know what they’re looking for. So, see what they think will be popular this year. Make sure what they highlight is easily accessible to your visitors, as soon as they load up your website. 

Have a special holiday-only offer? Create a section on your home page (preferably near the top) that promotes it.  

3. Remove any unnecessary distractions from your website

Ok, so we just said add your bestsellers to the home page and update your banners etc. – but don’t forget to take other stuff off the home page to make space! 

During the holidays it’s easy for websites to get full of new items, new offers, promotions, contests, discount offers, and so much more – which can be a massive headache for your site’s visitors. 

With so much going on, visitors can feel overwhelmed – and nope straight out of your site. 

It’s simple:

  • Cut back on the pop ups – try to stick to one on entry, one on exit. 
  • Always create (and stick to) a page hierarchy! Keep the important items on the top and everything else lower down. 
  • Don’t let videos or music autoplay when your website loads – this isn’t 1997 (and it sucked back then too).

Stick to these few rules and keep your website distraction-free. 

4. Update your blog & social media profiles

One of the best things you can do to get the word out that your company is going through a festive makeover is to update your blog and your social media!

  1. Post some holiday-themed blogs showcasing your amazing products/services. You can promote your products by writing blogs with titles like ‘Top Gifts For The Holidays 2020’ or ‘What To Buy Your Partner This Year For Christmas’. 
  2. If you donate to a charity for the festive period, make sure to highlight your annual donation with a blog and social updates. 
  3. Post festive-themed social media updates. Whether you DIY it with professional-looking templates, or you get professional graphic designers (like us!) to do it for you, make sure you update your banner photos, profile photos, and include a festive post for the big day.
  4. If you decide to go with a fun holiday-themed promotion like the 12 days of Christmas sale then you can post a new, fun holiday graphic everyday promoting the product or service that’s on offer. 

Another great thing to post near the holidays is a fun team picture of you and your team. Get everybody to dress in funky Christmas sweaters and maybe some antlers or elf ears and take a group photo to post on social media and on your website. 

5. Make sure all your essential details are correct

Now, this last one might sound a bit obvious but the holidays are a busy and stressful time. So, we don’t blame you if during your holiday site makeover some of your contact information or your pricing got a bit mixed up. 

Be sure to check over all your phone numbers, your email, and any other contact information. 

You’d hate to think that customers were trying to contact you in a holiday emergency but couldn’t get through because of the wrong number! 

You should also double-check that all your pricing is right, especially on sale items. Wouldn’t it be awful if you highlighted your fourth day of Christmas sale item and the price wasn’t even on sale! We’ve all seen those viral posts of products discounted by a cent – don’t be that guy this year.

Lastly, make sure all your service information is up to date and matches the hours and times you’re doing over the holidays – that includes special hours on your Google My Business profile too. 

The holidays can be an exciting and stressful time but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a bit of fun with your website. It’s a great time to grab some new customers too – the number of people searching for companies like yours is going to be higher than any other time of the year, so make sure you’re making a great first impression.   

If you’d like help figuring out how to create the perfect festive design for your website then maybe we can help, get in touch today!