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4 Ideas to Get More Clients for Your Dog Grooming Salon

Did you know over 38% of Americans own dogs?

Not only are they the most popular pet in the country, but it also means there are a lot of people out there looking for a pet grooming salon.

So how can you attract these clients and generate more business?

Here are 4 proven ideas that will help your pet grooming salon grow to the next level.

1. Upsell your services

First, upsell your services. It costs 5 times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain your current customers.

Focus on the people that already utilize your services and provide them with new options that they’d be interested in.

Here are some great add-ons you can offer:

  • Flea products
  • Nail painting
  • Healthy treats
  • At home grooming products
  • And much more

The most effective way to upsell your services is to personalize the offer. While you are treating their pet you should notice potential concerns.

Things such as whether or not the dog is shedding a lot? Does he have a rash? By addressing these concerns not only will your customers have more trust in you but it’s also a great way to generate a little extra income via a new hair removal brush or lotion sale.

2. Create referral incentives

The next tip is to create a referral incentive. The hardest part for most businesses is finding new customers, so why not let your clients do the work for you.

People with pets tend to hang around other people with pets. That means they are constantly talking and interacting with your target market.

Your clients will love getting discounts for recommending their friends over. And you’ll love the new clients. Simply put it’s a win-win marketing strategy.

3. Set appointments

The third option is to set appointments as much as possible. Don’t wait for people to call you. Instead, as soon as their appointment is over schedule the next one in advance.

Not only is this healthier for their pets, but it will also ensure that the money comes in on a consistent basis.

A bonus tip is to start up a rewards program. Rewards programs help your customers stay loyal, and tend to generate a lot more money.

Download our simple script to get more appointments in your dog grooming business!

4. Advertise locally

Lastly, advertise your business locally. Before you begin advertising you’ll need to make sure your brand is strong. We recommend getting a brand consultant to avoid any pitfalls.

Once your brand is strong. Go to your local newspaper and shelters and see if you can generate publicity. A coupon or press release are two easy and inexpensive ways to do that.

It’s crucial at this point that you have a website. Websites help your reputation and reliability. Learn about why a website is non-negotiable.

This will help you to find new customers that will last for a long time.

5. Build a website or update your existing site

It’s 2021, this seems like a no-brainer but I’ve come across a lot of dog groomers without websites.

Being online, where your clients are, is crucial to obtaining new clients. A website is the perfect opportunity to start showing up in local search results as well as showing your expertise.

To start, there are a few low-cost options like wix.com or Squarespace. These are great DIY website options that you can utilize quickly and easily.

If you have an existing site but it’s not bringing in leads, that’s a clear sign that your site is not working. There can be many factors that contribute to that including some of the following:

  • Your messaging isn’t clear or doesn’t speak to your ideal client
  • Your site isn’t showing up in search
  • You aren’t showing your value on your site
  • Your site is confusing or difficult to read
  • Your site isn’t optimized for mobile

We can help you get you more leads through your grooming site, so feel free to contact us for help!

6. Network with other local businesses

A really easy and quick way to get business is to harness the power of other people’s networks. Reach out to them and offer them exclusive deals or perks.

Veterinarians can be a great fit but may already have relationships with other groomers.

Check out local pet friendly places like breweries, coffee shops, or pet shops.

You might even research local rescues or animal shelters as well who can include your information in their pet adoption packet. There are so many possibilities!

7. Create a customer loyalty program

Just like your local sub sandwich shop – buy 6 subs, get 1 free – use a loyalty program to reward existing customers and bring in new ones as well (everyone loves free or discounted services!).

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy either. You can get some cards on sites like zazzle and include that info on your website as well as tell existing customers about it when they checkout.

Grow your pet grooming salon

These are just a few steps to grow your dog grooming business on both a personal and local level.

Check out our additional articles related to getting your site to the top of google and how to create a marketing strategy.

An if you are overwhelmed or don’t have the time, contact us to see how we can help!